Hi. I'm Benjamin.
And I've been a designer and developer for two decades.

In that time I've worked with companies and governments across Australia, the United States, and Europe. My work has been featured in magazines and newspapers around the globe - including The Wall Street Journal and The Sunday Times.

Starting with a love of magic at a young age, I created one of the first magic websites on the Internet. From there I grew a successful web development firm with clients throughout South East Queensland.

After a few years of University and Design colleges under my belt and boredom setting in, I jetted to the United States to create a one of a kind management solution for a famed San Francisco Jazz landmark.

Criss-crossing the globe for nearly a decade, I settled in Barcelona for five years to soak up some of that mediterranean lifestyle and went for broke exploring how a slab of glass was going to revolutionise the world.

Now back in Australia, I balance my time between working with only the most discerning of clients and my own projects.